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We provide energy solutions such as heat and steam for industrial companies. We work closely with our customers to identify the solution that best meets their needs. Our solutions have a firm focus on energy efficiency, with high availability throughout the plant lifecycle. Backed by decades of experience, our solutions enable optimizing of operations to meet our customers business and operational targets.

As a major provider of process heating and steam for industrial customers, we offer a wide variety of flexible energy solutions tailored according to each customer’s needs. We provide build-own-operate model, enabling our customer to focus on their core operations. This means we take responsibility for investments, fuel supply, maintenance – and remote operations.

Supporting your energy needs

We provide energy solutions for industrial companies, large scale asset owners and municipalities.

Our experts can design an energy as-a-service solution that matches your company´s needs perfectly, including support for investments, technology, energy production and remote operations. With local market expertise on a national scale, we’re ready to help fuel your home and business at a great competitive rate.

Customizing your solar energy solution.

Solar projects to design the most cost-effective, long-term solar solution for your organization, tailored to meet your financial needs, business objectives, and site requirements. We focus on quality, safety, and efficiency throughout the solar installation process – from engineering and construction to procurement and project management. Our goal: Provide a quality solar PV system that delivers solar optimization and maximum ROI while adhering to rigorous engineering specifications.

Proactivity for increased productivity.
While solar energy systems are fairly passive in their operation, they need to be proactively managed and maintained to enhance solar production, ensure efficiency, and optimize your renewable energy investment over time. Our commitment to the long-term optimization of your solar array means we’re here for your business today – and every step of the way.

 These services are built on our professional expertise, scope of operations and our experience of heat and electricity production as well as district heating operations. We can assume partial or full responsibility for energy production on behalf of our customers.

Smaller energy production plants can now benefit from solutions, such as production planning and monitoring, that were previously only available for larger plants. The details of the service are agreed individually with each customer.

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We provide facility management services to cater the requirements of our clients from the residential, commercial as well as corporate sectors


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