Marble Care Services

Marble cleans, restores, maintains, polishes, and protects more marble than anyone else in the industry. Regular maintenance of your stone surfaces, which includes cleaning and sealing, will help you avoid costly repairs while keeping your surfaces beautiful and protected against staining and etching.

We can clean, hone, polish and protect your marble, and restore it to like new!

Our professionals will review a variety of cleaning and sealing options based on your personal needs. skilled technicians who have mastered the art of repairing chips and are able to fill in damaged stone with remarkable attention to colour and pattern matching.

Experts in stone care

We sincerely believe that our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our company is the primary basis for our survival in the marketplace. We believe in the worth and potential of every individual.

We believe that we are our own best competitors… getting things done, overcoming adversity, growing through vision, and doing the challenging is something we welcome with enthusiasm.

Full Marble Care Includes Sanitizing

Refinishing, polishing and honing
​Refinishing your natural stone is one of the most common procedures and most effective in making your natural stone surface last a lifetime. The process involves a thorough cleaning, possible use of diamond polishing pads to remove slight damage like scratches, minor staining or wear and tear, and matching the existing finish.

Scratch and stain removal
​Accidents happen. When they do, is equipped, experienced, and ready to undo them. Despite what many say, staining is nearly unavoidable, however spills and scratches can almost always disappear from sight.

Stone lippage removal
The term lippage refers to a difference in height between adjoining tile edges causing unevenness. Even for the most skilled floor installers it is nearly impossible to install stone with absolutely no stone lippage.

Cleaning and sealing
For cleaning needs that go beyond regular upkeep, we offer a wide variety of cleaning services that will improve the appearance of your stone surfaces in your home or business.

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