Hygiene Care Service

Our technicians undergo extensive training in order to ensure that you receive hygiene services that are effective, efficient and unobtrusive.

Our hygiene services include: ablution cleaning, the provision and maintenance of washroom products including sanitary bins, liquid soap dispensers, air-fresheners, sanitizers, paper-towel dispensers, seat sanitizers and more.

Hygiene services refer to the provision of personal hygiene facilities and waste collection; and the cleaning, repair, replacement, and return of individual clothing and equipment items in a deployed environment.

Safety, health, and hygiene 

Cleaning is at the heart of a quality solution. As a global business delivering cleaning services at the frontline, we offer clients extensive strategic, tactical, and operational know-how.

We create safe places that put people at ease, encourage productivity, and support your organization’s goals. Exclusive product lines, are just some of the factors that ensure the high quality services of Hygiene Service.  We’ll follow up with you throughout to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied with our service.

Providing world-leading expertise in cleaning, disinfection, and hygiene.!

We’ll provide you with professional hygiene services that include the provision and maintenance of all washroom materials, as well as regular, reliable service that eliminates the stress of dealing with in-house staff and sub-par service.

Distinguished itself as a service-orientated company which focuses on customers’ needs. We ensure a transparent structure within our organization, whereby account management, development and production work teams closely together. This ensures our capability to respond quickly to changes in the customers’ requirements.

Our professionalism, dedication and extensive skill-set ensure that every single one of our clients receives superior results. All of our hygiene services are rendered by expertly-trained technicians, who adhere to health and safety best practice.


Advanced manufacturing cleaning

From equipment cleaning to waste collection, our advanced manufacturing cleaning specialists are experts at ensuring your advanced manufacturing spaces meet the highest standards—increasing production and meeting regulatory compliance.


Healthcare cleaning

A hygienic hospital environment plays a vital role in lowering the risk of infections and helping patients recover. From premises and medical equipment cleaning to laundry services and more, we ensure the highest standards in hygiene in the healthcare industry.

Industrial and manufacturing cleaning

Our cleaning professionals can maintain your manufacturing space to the highest quality standards. Ensuring your production floor is clean and hygienic reduces the risk of accidents and builds confidence among your workforce.

Food hygiene cleaning

Our cleaning specialists for food services can ensure that your food manufacturing, restaurant, or catering facilities leave people feeling happier and healthier.

About Company

We provide facility management services to cater the requirements of our clients from the residential, commercial as well as corporate sectors


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