Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is rooted in the concept of cohesiveness. TFM takes the daily tasks of managing, operating, and maintaining industrial facilities and consolidates them under a single, dedicated team.

We have successfully implemented an IFM strategy into a complex business model with many dynamic components leading to maximized productivity and efficiency, while significantly streamlining and simplifying business operations.

We implement data analytics and engineering assessments to improve reliability and drive condition-based maintenance programs that result in improved asset performance and reduced site performance issues.

IFM Solutions

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure our solution aligns with their own facilities management structure and strategic plans. Together we then determine the needs of their property portfolio and create one team with a shared vision to deliver exceptional services.

Facilities management helps ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of businesses, buildings, assets, grounds and infrastructure.

End-to-end Comprehensive Services

Integrated facilities management unifies the delivery of all our facility management expertise and enables us to provide all the benefits of outsourcing – such as efficiency savings and improved performance – whilst ensuring you the same degree of control, commitment and accountability you’d have if you delivered it all in-house.

Our professionals strategically reduce operational costs and improve service consistency while ensuring compliance.

Our Integrated Facilities Management model brings together and manages your day to day essential operational services that keep your real estate working for you.

With our differentiated approach to managing facilities, we’re able to transform facilities that influence and create exceptional workplace environments that benefit your people.

Integrated Overview

Gain holistic real time overview of multi-site facilities through a single dashboard synced through a network of sensors.

Focus on Higher Value Tasks

Outsourcing FM and other non-core tasks allow customers to spend more time on their core, profit-generating projects.

Cost Containment

Lesser manpower required as workflows become digitalized. Increased efficiency reduces costs in the long run.

About Company

We provide facility management services to cater the requirements of our clients from the residential, commercial as well as corporate sectors


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