Water Proofing

We are constantly researching and evolving to become the pioneer of the industry. We do water leakage repair and solves various kinds of leakages such as roof leakage, bathroom & toilet leakage, ceiling leakage, building leakage repair, Water tank leakages.

Water proofing systems have become quite sophisticated and are a very specialised area. Many types of water proofing membrane systems are available including felt paper or tar paper with asphalt or tar to make a built -up roof, other bituminous water proofing, ethylene propylene members , epdm rubber, polyvinyl chloride, liquid roofing and more.

Our team is well trained to identify the root of leakage problem and conduct the water leakage repair efficiently.

Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing Membranes is a new generation, cost-effective solution for waterproofing of basements and roofs. It is a versatile material, capable of retaining the dryness of concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures and is resistant to salts, alkalis, and most acids.

It is a high performance, composite polymeric membrane. It is offered as a quick and easy-to-apply solution, ensuing hassle-free maximum productivity. It is a better alternative product to construction chemicals / chemical coating waterproofing.

Why Waterproofing is Needed?

Waterproofing is extremely important especially for the terrace, bathroom and basement. Our Services provide permanent Water proofing solutions. It can be done during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks. Water damage can result in serious issues to a building’s structure and appearance. It can damage not only the surface, but also affects the health and safety of those around the affected building.

We analyse the building project thoroughly and then come out with a suitable water proofing option for the project. We also work as per the specific requirement and recommendation of the clients while deciding on the water proofing option.

Commercial Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing can provide you with the suitable solutions to all your needs whether straight forward

Residential Waterproofing

Residential Waterproofing , We are providing you with an innovative solution to all these problems.

Industrial Waterproofing

Industrial Waterproofing is a full service commercial roofing a waterproofing company 

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