High-level Facade Cleaning

A clean building presents a more hospitable front – and, therefore, a more attractive real estate prospect – to the public. Just as we put our best foot forward with a neat, kempt appearance, a building looks its best when free of the grime, pollutants, and staining that shadow its most visible – and often, most vulnerable – attribute, its façade.

Of course, not all building façades warrant the same amount of care and attention. A building’s location, function, and geographic and atmospheric conditions all play roles in determining the level of cleaning effort necessary to achieve the desired appearance.

Professional Facade cleaning

Our leading team of experienced cleaners is capable of cleaning external windows, performing complete facade washing and removing smudges, spots and dusts.

We exercise cleaning procedures that use sufficient level of pressurised water and bio-degradable detergents, ensuring no or minimal risk of damage to surfaces and environment. We are truly the top choice when it comes to cleaning for industries of all sizes.

Developing better solutions in the field of facade cleaning.

Facade Cleaning Methods
All facade cleaning jobs fall into one of four categories: Chemical, Non-Chemical, Abrasive and a combination of these methods.

Water Cleaning Methods:

Water Soaking:
A slow, steady flow of water is used over the facade to relax dirt and cleanse it away. This is a very effective method on limestone and glazed brick kind of facades.

Pressure Washing:
In this method, pressurized water blasts contaminants away from the facade. This procedure is effective on stone, masonry and concrete for the removal of light to moderate atmospheric and organic staining. Facades with grease and oil stains may require hot water cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning Methods:
This cleaning method uses chemical products to rout out the tough facade stains, by dissolving them and allowing them to be rinsed away. Though the list of available chemical cleaners for different types of facade surfaces is long and varied, they fall into one of the following four categories: Acidic Cleaners, Alkaline Cleaners, Organic Solvents and Special Detergents.

Abrasive Cleaning Methods:
Abrasive cleaning is a unique method, which is designed to completely remove the outer portion of the substrate on which the stain settles, rather than merely dissolving and washing away the stain alone.

Aluminum Cleaning Methods:
Mild cleaners, abrasive and etching cleaners, solvent and emulsion cleaners, steam cleaners and power-driven brushes are among the methods used in the cleaning process of aluminum facades.

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